Here is a sampling of projects that I have created over the last few years while working for the State of Texas and freelancing in Austin, Texas:




Unfortunately, active shooters have become a real threat to every public and private building across the United States.  In an effort to educate the public about how to react to an armed intruder, I produced this short educational film that preaches the RUN HIDE FIGHT method.  With more than 100,000 views, it currently is being used by NASA, almost every state agency in Texas and several universities to help staff prepare for the unthinkable.

Ellen Zetmeir is very good at what she does. In this video, I wanted to show off her personality and her ability to make everyone around feel comfortable.

Athletes and coaches love to preach the virtues of “following the process.” In this short video, author Ryan Holiday explains what the phrase means and how to apply its stoic logic to everyday life.

Nobody enjoys a fire drill.  Even fewer enjoy watching a video about conducting fire drills.  In order to spice a somewhat stale subject, we created a fun character to walk the viewer through the logistics of a building evacuation.

The Alamo Drafthouse will ask me on occasion to help out when they have special guests in town to promote new projects work.  In this video Jonah Ray of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return and Kumail Nanjiani of The Big Sick explain why you shouldn’t talk or text inside a theater.

I helped my friend and host of the Vice series Outsider pick up some shots and voiceover lines for an episode.  Miami Connection rules by the way!

As a big softie at heart, I love producing wedding films for nice newlyweds.  Here is one I made for a wonderful couple in Dripping Springs, Texas.

I have nothing but respect for local business owners.  Here is a spot I put together for my friendly neighborhood gym.





Ladybird Lake, Downtown Austin

Texas Capitol Building

Willie Nelson Statue in Downtown Austin

Stock Photos

Helping a Coworker Suffering from Heatstroke

Don’t Forget to Fill Out Your Indoor Air Quality Complaint Forms

A Serious Call

Real Estate

356 S Brook Drive, Exterior with Branded Signage

356 S Brook Drive, Kitchen

365 S Brook, Taken from a Drone


Show Logo for “Phantom of the Video”

Logo for “John at the Movies” Syndicated Movie Review Series

Logo for “Beta Max TV” Roku Channel


Summertime Brings Bug Bites and Allergic Reactions 

What to Know When Using a Mobile Phone to Dial 9-1-1

Preventing Heat-Related Illness