About Me

I’m a problem solver, a creative thinker and a communicator.  These traits have fueled my passion to produce engaging projects across several diverse platforms.  As a media specialist for a state agency, I’m tasked with taking content that some may consider bland (safety training and insurance planning) and making it fun.  When I’m not at my day job, you can find me online experimenting with video projects or helping my friends create their passion projects.  I’m fueled by a constant desire to learn more, which translates into an ever evolving portfolio of creative ventures.

Most of my training comes from the fast-paced world of television news as a marketing professional.  Every day I faced tight deadlines and the need to have every fact correct.  I still use many of the lessons I learned from that stressful work environment to create a wide array of creative projects for my employers.  Those TV newsroom days taught me how to think critically, act fast, and to constantly double-check my work, no matter how little time I have to complete it.

If you need help writing a press release, building a WordPress website, producing a video or coming up with an effective social media strategy, I’m your guy.

Download a copy of my resumé here: